About Sandeep

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. This is my online home. I love running, blogging, reading, and adventures very much. These are the passions, I’ve recently built. Basically, I love my life and I’m living a life of my dreams. Things have not always been like that, let me share my story with you:

Early Life

In school, I was not a good performer and my elder sisters were brilliant. My parents have always compared us, which made me feel bad and inferior.

I used to play cricket; my dream was to become a cricketer. My parents wanted me to focus on studies. So, they haven’t approved me to join the district level cricket summer camp. Which took me apart from cricket.

One day my father took me to a local engineering college for admission. I wanted to do something big. I asked my father to give me a last chance to study and send me for JEE/AIEEE coaching. My father believed in me.

Each and Every person I met kept telling me that my marks were low, so  I can’t crack the JEE/AIEEE exam. Instead of breaking me, this pushed me to work harder and harder because I promised my father. When results were out, I got selected in AIEEE.

While choosing my stream, many problems came. Everybody suggested me to take this, take that. My mother wanted me to be a civil engineer, my father wanted me to be a computer engineer, my sister wanted me to be a mechanical engineer. But this time I was clear where I wanted to go, and chosen electronics and communication engineering.

College Life

I joined the college with a dream to stay out of the crowd. I didn’t want to be JUST ANOTHER STUDENT. This decision led me to some good and some bad behaviors.

Good in the sense, I always focused on practical knowledge rather than theoretical and marks. Bad in the sense, everyone used to go to the classes but I only join the classes that I’m passionate about. I was awarded a backlog for this careless behavior of mine.

Soon everybody at college started calling me Sanki(mad). Because I always did what I wanted.

Fortunately, a girl came into my life and I used to do everything for her. I have done many crazy things, which I can’t even dream in my sleep. Long story short, at last, my heart was broken without any significant reason; which torn me apart.

I was a living man with no life. I started drinking alcohol and started smoking too. I used to took money from my parents in the name of internship and wasted it on alcohol and cigarettes. I felt lonely at that time, my best friend had a serious accident and he was struggling to life and death. No one was there to show me the right path.

Life Changing Moment

One fine day I was sleeping in the hostel, one friend knocked the door. When I opened it, he told me that my nose was bleeding. When I looked into the mirror, I saw that I was heavily bleeding. After looking at the water bottle, my friend said that I haven’t drunk water since last two days. He made me realize that I was not doing right with my life.

It was enough to kick my butt. Soon I came back and started living my life. I started reading and writing, this is where a writer was born. I started going to the gym, this is where a runner took birth. Sooner I was busy in all kind of activities but the negative ones. I quit smoking and after some time I started taking control of my physical health, my relationships, my emotional state, my mental state and my life.

I started making myself a better person. This is the time I thought of helping others in tough times. I know how much some kind words can mean to someone when he is going through a tough time. I want to be that person who can help someone in their toughest situations, who can hold their hands and show them the right path. This blog is one of the ways I want to do that.

Getting My Dream Job

I was so passionate about electronics that I only wanted a job in the same field. I still remember one day of my final year- Our branch coordinators told us that no electronics company is going to visit our campus. So, if we want a job then we should start preparing for computer companies. Everyone agreed but me. I told them clearly that if I get a job then that should be in the electronics field.

I strongly believe that it’s best to be jobless than working in some company which is not related to your passion. Soon a miracle happened, I got a job in one of my dream company. It was my first interview. Out of six potential candidates, I was having minimum grades, although I was the only candidate who got selected. On 22nd June 2015, I joined FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTORS PVT. LTD as a SoC Verification Engineer.

Leaving The Job

After some time, running became my primary passion. I started running in every situation, I got injured many times but I didn’t give up. Since running became a part of my life, I can’t imagine a life without running.

I started having chest congestion due to pollution of the city. My Dr. advised me to either leave running or leave the place. I decided to leave the JOB. After working for 1 year and 7 months I left my JOB and became a full-time runner and blogger.

The Idea For This Blog

I learned many things during my life and found a definite way to achieve success. I developed a philosophy named LIMA means LEARN >> IMPLEMENT >> MODIFY >> ACHIEVE. To achieve anything you have to learn about that thing, then apply it and then tweak it on the basis of results and you will definitely achieve it.

After LIMA philosophy, I found that I was missing something and after some time, I realized that the missing ingredient for happy and fulfilled life is ‘SHARING’. So I started writing this blog and LIMA becomes LIMAS (Learn >> Implement >> Modify >> Achieve >> Share).

On this blog, I share my lifetime learnings and experiences. I truly believe that anything can be achieved using my LIMAS technique. Just apply it in the right way and you’ll have what you want. Hope you’ll be served by me and my learnings.